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Oil on Canvas.

Size: 13 in. x 16 in.      33.02 cm x 40.64 cm

Hand-signed upper right


Special Offer: When “Sweet Tart I” is purchased with “Sweet Tart II”, paintings hand signed by Salinas, both works may be acquired for $9,900, a savings of $1,100.


© 2023 Marcel C. Salinas Trust All rights reserved

Sweet and Tart I / Sucré et Acidulé I

SKU: MS-SL-0011 RO 65751
  • A table in a Parisian kitchen.


    A plate of quince with lemons .  Ready to create a delicious treat. 


    Painted in quiet yellows and browns the white. 


    The artist engagingly plays with shape, form and color.


    As we look at the scene from above, we might feel the need to rush and catch the fruits before they slide down the slanting trapezoid table.


    Our eye moves around the painting in a diamond shape from the glinting star on the window door knob at the top down to the towel falling off the table at the bottom.


    This appealing still life is perfectly paired with “Sweet and Tart II”.



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