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Oil on Canvas

13 in. x 18 in.       33.02 cm x 45.72 cm

Hand-signed upper left


Special Offer: When “Sweet Tart II” is purchased with “Sweet Tart I”, paintings hand signed by Salinas, both works may be acquired for $9,900, a savings of $1,100.

© 2023 Marcel C. Salinas Trust All rights reserved

Sweet and Tart II / Sucré et Acidulé II

SKU: MS-SL-0012 RO 65733
  • Special Offer with Sweet and Tart I


    A pleasing Still Life with a lemon, lime and pears.


    The artist continues to use calming colors of yellows and browns and now greens for the lime and pear leaf.


    Our view from above is not at an acute angle.  We can admire the fruits on the oval table and the lovely geometric detail of the table cloth.


    Salinas continues to move our eye through the painting with diagonals:

       left: the white runner with the citrus,

       center: the glinting white star window knob down through the center of the table,

        right: the plate of pears pointing up and down.


    This engaging painting makes the perfect companion with “SWEET AND TART I”.



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