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     This site, “The Marcel C. Salinas Trust”, featuring the remembrance of his life and his work by art specialists, critics, fellow artists, friends and collectors, is significant for me and for my family and the many artists whose life he touched.

      I was fortunate enough at an early point in my art career in Europe to meet the "most renowned lithographer" in Paris and together we worked on and published prints by dozens of famous and not so famous artists creating multiple works of art.  One of the high points in Salinas’s lithography career was when he collaborated with Picasso on the “Imaginary Portraits” series.  Picasso was so impressed that it was the only time in his long career, that he allowed another artist's name appear with his. 


     My late father J. R. LeShufy was named by Marcel as the trustee of his foundation and with Marcel's agreement that upon J. R.'s passing, the obligation and responsibility was given to me to continue as trustee.


     How exciting to think that Marcel's work would be appraised and reviewed by art critics for almost a hundred years and that his admirers from all over the world continue to add his paintings to their collections.


     His collectors are of all ages. It’s really great for me as the caretaker and curator of his Trust, to know that they - and now you - have an opportunity to view and enjoy his life's works. 



Karen LeShufy, Trustee

     I worked with Marcel Salinas for over twenty-five years and during that time there never was a dull moment!


     He worked hard, was diligent about his craft, traveled considerably and for decades knew every artist at every level of fame in France.

     In later years, he was not happy about his place in art history and worried that his life's work would be forgotten but nothing could be further from the reality.                            

Marcel Salinas and Karen LeShufy
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