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Marcel Salinas Photography Collections

With his wide range of artistic talents, innate curiosity, a keen eye, an understanding of light, form and shape, Salinas is acknowledged as a Master of Photography.


The Trust will soon be presenting the Salinas Photography  Collections for your viewing and collecting enjoyment.

1957 - Summer Days in New York City

In the summer of 1957, Marcel Salinas took his first trip to America.  Arriving in New York City, it was an instant and life-long love affair.


He walked the streets from downtown to uptown, river to river.  Photographing the people, the skyscrapers, the street life. 

As he roamed the city observing New Yorkers enjoying glorious, hot summer days in Central Park or cooling off with art “mavens” in the quiet of the museums, he captured the exciting rhythm and pulse of a New York gone bye.

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