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well as supervising and assisting numerous artists with their lithographs.  Marcel’s unique lithographic skills were legendary amongst the artworld insiders, admired by artists, printers, museum curators and gallery directors.  He was always ready to explain or assist other artists in this challenging technique.

Marcel and I would frequently meet in the print ateliers.  Marcel became my tutor.  He would explain each of his artworks and we would talk about the subtle nuances, the ambiance and  emotional response for the viewer.  When I asked how he achieved a specific effect, he would explain his ingenious methods. 

Artists were continuously asking his advice.  Marcel was always generous with his knowledge and assistance. In Ludwig Bemelman's autobiography, "My Life In Art",  he writes, "Salinas is not only an artist of independence, individual style and talent, he is also a savant, who know the ancient techniques and has invented new ones." 

Marcel and I worked on a number of “special projects” over the years.  One of the first was when I arranged for the company to publish the special series of 3 limited edition lithographs with the Société of the Friends of Toulouse Lautrec created from the Toulouse Lautrec original works in the Toulouse Lautrec Museum in Albi, France.


Everyone involved admired his collaboration with Picasso and the "Imaginary Portraits" and insisted that these lithographs could only be created by Marcel.  When these limited editions were finished, each proof was numbered and hand-signed by Salinas with the Red Ink Stamp of the Société des Amis de Toulouse-Lautrec. 

Almost 20 years later, I met The Count de Toulouse-Lautrec, at age 91, he was the head of the family. The Count admired Salinas paintings and lithographs.  We discussed re-creating 2 more paintings as limited-edition fine art estate lithographs and the Count would sign each proof. 


He felt that no other artist had ever captured the spirit and feeling of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s paintings as had Salinas.  The Count insisted that the project could only be completed if Salinas would be the artist.


Over the many years I worked with Marcel, we became and remained great friends. 

Today, each time I visit a museum or art gallery, I imagine I hear Marcel telling me to look closely and guiding my eyes around the painting.   He instilled in me his admiration and enthusiasm for art and for the artist who created the work.


I am honored to be the Trustee of the Marcel C. Salinas Trust.  I am  forever grateful for our many years of friendship and considers myself to have been so fortunate to have known him and the beautiful artworks he created.

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