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Watercolor on Paper

9.5 in. x 12.5 in.

(24.13 cm x 31.75 cm)

Hand-signed lower right



© 2023 Marcel C. Salinas Trust All rights reserved

Alexandria Afternoon in Egypt / Un Apres-midi en Alexandrie

SKU: MS-S-0001 RO 53225
  • This is the earliest artwork from the archives of the Marcel C. Salinas Trust.


    In this enchanting watercolor, the 23-year-old Salinas displays his innate artistic talents.


    A peaceful afternoon with the calm water reflecting houses, boats and trees.  A perfect interplay of light and movement. 


    All infuse this beautiful little gem of watercolor with a life of beauty and tranquility.


    The young painter had such an accurate eye and ethereal touch, that this watercolor created in 1936,  might be mistaken as an early photograph.


    An exquisite petite gem.



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