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Oil on Canvas

29 in. x 36 in.

73.66 cm x 91.44 cm

Hand-signed lower left


© 2023 Marcel C. Salinas Trust All rights reserved


Egyptian Pitchers / Les Pichets Egyptiens

SKU: MS-SL-0002 RO 56819
  • Inspired by the genius of Cezanne and Matisse, Salinas creates his own enticing still life.

    The meal is finished. The table is in disarray. 

    A table with exotic Egyptian pitchers, plump ripe oranges overflowing the onto the crumpled linen tablecloth.

    Salinas' astute use of the green color: the grapes, the pitchers, the fabrics on the walls move our eyes through the painting.

    It is puzzling. Are we observing this scene directly in front of us or are we gazing at it from above?

    The changing points of view pique our curiosity. This is no longer a static flat canvas but a painting filled with movement that keeps the admiring viewer in tenuous suspension.


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